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Seri Tanjung Homestay Melaka, Malaysia
Seri Tanjung Homestay Melaka

Experience the real kampung way of life at Seri Tanjung Village. Twice winner of National beautiful competition, Seri Tanjung offers accommodation for visitors under Homestay concept. The village is in Alor Gajah district, situated at 24km away from Malacca Historic City.

Homestay is close to Imtiaz School, UiTM, ALAM, KUIM and Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA.

This program is run by organisation under the administration of the Malacca State Government and the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia.

Visitors will stay with host families, the villagers of Seri Tanjung. As such, visitors will experience the essence of village life in Seri Tanjung unique way, an experience which is becoming variety nowadays.

Visitors will surely be struck by the beauty of living in harmony with nature, with traditional houses tucked loosely among coconut trees and a variety of greeneries. If the visit coincides with local fruits season, visitors will be able to pluck these delicacies right from the trees.

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Seri Tanjung Homestay Melaka, Malaysia
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